Chelsea Heroics? Give Me a Break

Resiliance.Immense.Heroic. These were the adjectives used in the media to describe Chelsea’s parking of the bus on Tuesday night at the Nou Camp. I haven’t seen anything as overboard than that since Goldie Hawn in the film,er, Overboard

Glancing throught the papers yesterday, one would have thought that it was a team of cobblers and postmen that had battled their way to a goalless draw at the Nou Camp. Continue reading


PFA Farce

Before people think that this blog is just another ABU site, that holds all things Manchester United with contempt, please read on.

The argument goes that this season has been noted for being very short on outstanding individuals. Ronaldo was head and shoulders above everyone last season, with 42 goals an phenomenal return at the highest level of the game. He even managed to miss a few penalties. But has it really? I think that there have been 5 stand out players in the league this season, and Ryan Giggs would certainly not be one of them.

Ryan Giggs

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Ah Jesus, You Have My Heart Broke

Those seven words were often uttered to me  by my dear mother when I was growing up ( and out). I could never head my head around what she meant. Until now. Tuesday night, at about 9:55 pm, it hit me. As I stood in the Anfield Road End, staring onto the empty pitch, trying to keep my anger at those around me, who thought the minutes after Liverpool best chance of winning the league in 12 years evapourated was a perfect opportunity to take a photograph of the ground, to myself  I knew exactly what she meant. Liverpool have my heart broke. Why can’t they just do things simply?

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Luis and Ryan


When one has some time to kill (or waste as it should be known), You-tube is always a website that attracts those who are actually not sure what they want to see. We type in the name of one of Dutch footballs brightest talents, expecting to see some of his goals, tricks and flicks. Whilst we do get that, we are also treated to a collection of hip-hop videos and freestyle raps.  To be fair it never did John Barnes any harm. Has Ryan Babel taken his eye off the ball this season? I have no doubt that Rafael Benitez’s music collection is sans a Tak Taki effort.


Luís Carlos Almeida da Cunha has been quiet too this year. Nani, as he is known to the masses, has been an outsider looking in at Manchester United pursuit of a 3rd successive Premier League crown. He’s played more cup games than league ones. That’s a sure sign in Alex Ferguson’s books that he doesn’t fancy you (see Darren Gibson as case in point). In between looking like Michael Jackson, he has only managed to start 5 Premier League games so far this season.

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Sir Alex Ferguson – Time to Start Living up to your Name

Let’s cut to the chase here. It was a stonewall, cast iron, whatever adjective you want to put on it penalty. Jagielka clearly caught Welbeck, who had an open goal after another one of  Tim Howard’s patented rushes of blood (see March 2004 Old Trafford, August 2004 Reebok Stadium). But is there really any excuse for this reaction:

It’s not acceptable behaviour from a 67 year in any walk of life. Less acceptable when you take into consideration that he is a 67 year old knight of the realm, who is manager of  the most popular team in the most popular sport in the world. Who is considered to be the one of the greatest managers in the history of the game, whose name is often mentioned amongst those such as Clough, Stein, Shankly, Paisley, Busby. Continue reading