Will Fergie’s loyalty be his undoing?

More of the usual ‘mind games’ coming from the Manchester United camp last night, with news of Cristiano Ronaldo’s ankle needing strapping, and Nemanja Vidic holding his hamstring. They have tried calling the media’s bluff on too many occasions in the past. Not even Sky Sports fell for this one. And that says an awful lot. Those two will undoubtedly start and have been vital to the United cause since for the past three seasons. But it’s Ferguson’s promise of a start to two of the lesser lights in his vast squad that has given me reason to doubt the Scotsman’s decision in the biggest game in club football. Tonight’s Champion’s League Final in Rome against Barcelona.


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Premier League Goal of the Season

So it’s that time of year again, when reality strikes that there is no football on for three months. Oh wait there’s the Confederations Cup on next month, that should tie us over. Anyway, let’s enjoy Match of the Day’s Goal of the Season. My personal favourite is number 9, have a look for yourself…

Forever the Bridesmaid?

Katherine Heigl made her long awaited jump from a bit-part player  in hospital drama Grey’s Anotamy to having a lead role in a film, 27 Dresses. A thought-provoking romantic comedy which is harrowingly real  in every way imaginable, from the fact that someone as beautiful as Heigl would struggle to find a date, to the notion that she would have 27 people who would want her to be a bridesmaid at their wedding. I am yet to have the misfortune to have seen this movie, but I think I have a fair idea of what happens. But will football’s perannial bridesmaid have such a happy ending? One would think after last week’s events perhaps not.

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What Might Have Been…..

‘’Paul McGrath’s greatest achievement was making Phil Babb a millionaire’’. It’s hard to dissect this comment as a compliment of McGrath’s superhuman displays  across America in the scorching(ask Steve Staunton) summer of U.S.A, or as a dig at Phil Babb. Babb seemed to have it all. He was quick, strong, read the game well. Versatile. He, like McGrath before him, had played in midfield before finding a niche in central defense. Good looking, and took care of himself off the park. But in the end, it would be fair to say that Phil’s performances in the green of Ireland were not a patch on those the Black Pearl produced.


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So Long Sami

Liverpool have been involved in many transfer sagas over the last decade. We had the Steve McManaman to Real Madrid drama in 1999, which left a sour taste in the mouths of those on the Kop. There was widespread despair on the red half on Merseyside in November 2001, when Robbie Fowler made his £11 million switch to Leeds.  Micheal Owen’s departure to Real Madrid almost hurt as much as ‘McMoneyman’s’. There was £8 Million and a lawyer to soften that blow, but it felt like daylight robbery. A transfer that didn’t even go through caused much confusion at Anfield, with Steven Gerrard’s move to Chelsea dominating the news in the summer of 2005.  However, the transfer that has had the most positive affect on Liverpool during these years was the signing of a Finnish centre-half for £2.6million that had the whole country starching their heads. Sami Who?


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