From zero to potential hero

Zakumi: 2010 World Cup Mascot

It’s so close we can almost smell it. The 2010 World Cup is just weeks away and football junkies the world over may rejoice. 64 games crammed into a 32 day schedule and the best players on the planet strutting their stuff on the grandest stage of all. But it is not only the Messis and Cristiano Ronaldos of this world who get the chance to display their talents. There is an opportunity for certain individuals to re-ignite a career that has somewhat stagnated at club level. Football Digest will take a look at five players who are marginalised at their clubs, only to be vital to their countries relative hopes in South Africa this summer. Continue reading


Hull struggle with the big boys

Keenan and Brent deep in thought.

It seems to be just idiotic exchange between Gareth Keenan and his former boss David Brent. They are scouring a dating website as Brent searches frantically for date to bring to the Wernam Hogg Christmas party. Brent lists one of his interests as travel. When Keenan questions the validity of this claim, Brent mentions Hull as one of the places he has travelled to. His ire is raised by Garth’s constant probing until Brent comes out with the immortal line:

Well it’s not like Hull came to me. Oh look, here comes Hull down the motorway.

It’s a line that still makes this column chuckle. Hull City’s Premier League adventure has not quite provided as many laughs, but if there’s one thing you could not accuse them of is being boring.

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