Il Fenomeno tributes sadly lacking

Valentine’s Day 2011 saw an announcement anticipated but met with sorrow around the football world and mourned with open grief in his native Brazil. Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima stated at a hastily arranged press conference in Sao Paolo that he was retiring from the sport. The 34-year-old was clearly distraught and broke down several times as he explained the reason he can no play longer the game so dear to him.

I’ve lost the struggle against my body

This was a grim statement and fuel for the cynics that hilariously christened him “Fat Ronaldo”, so he would not be confused with the Portuguese impostor. On hearing the news, I expected a raft of tributes, obituaries and gushing appraisals of a career that touched the lives of millions. Unfortunately this was not the case. Continue reading


Revival of the Rossoneri

James Richardson kept us up to date with all the Serie A news

Back in the 1990s, it was fair to say we on the west of Europe had something of a love affair with Il Calico. Serie A was the most glamorous league in the world. Our appetite for Italian football was satisfied by Network Two’s highlights show of a Tuesday evening, supplemented by Channel Four’s live match coverage Sunday afternoon. There was also James Richardson’s Saturday morning show, as he spent the best part of an hour flicking through the pink Italian newspapers, sipping his espresso and enlightening us with the events in Italian football over the past week. With Setanta now showing Serie A games once again, it gives us the opportunity to rekindle our love for the Italian game. It has been an interesting start to the season, with AC Milan leading the way 17 rounds in. Continue reading