Quarter-finals provide drama and excitement in equal measure

Van Bommel offers his condolonces

The quarter-finals in World Cup 2010 brought four unique types of drama. All four venues hosted matches that each provided their own types of intrigue and excitement. It ranged from the collapse of the favourites in Nelson Mandela Bay, to heartbreak in Soccer City for Africa’s last hope of glory. Green Point then hosted a shocking chapter in Maradona’s turbulent World Cup history and finally rugby stadium Ellis Park witnessed two missed penalties within three minutes. Armchair fans around the globe are glad of the two subsequent rest days that follow before the semi-finals after such a tumultuous round of games, in order to get their collective breath back.

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Forever the Bridesmaid?

Katherine Heigl made her long awaited jump from a bit-part player  in hospital drama Grey’s Anotamy to having a lead role in a film, 27 Dresses. A thought-provoking romantic comedy which is harrowingly real  in every way imaginable, from the fact that someone as beautiful as Heigl would struggle to find a date, to the notion that she would have 27 people who would want her to be a bridesmaid at their wedding. I am yet to have the misfortune to have seen this movie, but I think I have a fair idea of what happens. But will football’s perannial bridesmaid have such a happy ending? One would think after last week’s events perhaps not.

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